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Welcome to Jo’s Icelandic Recipe Blog!

For several years I have been running Jo’s Icelandic Cooking, a website dedicated to Icelandic recipes and food culture and the biggest of its kind on the web that is available in English. I have not updated the site for nearly 2 years, simply because the work involved was getting in the way of my studies. During this time, I have kept up a web forum where people can write in to ask advice and request recipes. Now I think it’s time I started posting recipes again. To begin with, I will post recipes from the website with the occasional new recipe thrown in. Questions regarding each recipe can be posted in Comments, and so can general requests, but they can also be posted on the forum. When all the recipes from the website are posted on the blog, I intend to close down the forum.
Comments are moderated, so when you post a comment, it will not appear under Comments until I have approved it. This is to prevent spamming.