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Home Brew – How to Brew Beer – Better Your Brewing!

Home Brew - How to Brew Beer - Better Your Brewing!
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Hint: If you just follow the instructions on your Coopers Kit, you’ll never brew the beer you really want…

Have your friends ever laughed at you after tasting a couple of your "not so good" home brews?

Well, firstly let me tell you you’re not alone. And secondly, I have to admit that at one time or another, I have had to say yes to all three of those questions…

You see, about five years ago, I thought home brewing was only for old alcoholic guys with nothing better to do. I assumed it was only possible to make lots of cheap, but barely drinkable beer.

But all this changed one Easter Sunday. I was sitting around with my three Uncles when it was time for all of us to get a fresh beer. My Uncle Greg jumped up and with a smirk on his face told us he’d make the trip to the beer fridge.

He brought back some long neck bottles without labels on them. I knew something was up, but wasn’t sure what. So I took a swig and didn’t really think anything of it. We’d been drinking Heinekens all day and this strange looking bottle tasted about the same.

Uncle Greg still had a big smile on his face and was looking at us waiting to get a response. I was just about to speak when he asked "How’d you like those ones boys? They’re one of my own. One of my home brews".

I had to do a double take. Suddenly the strange labelless bottle made sense, but the taste didn’t. I didn’t believe him at first, but after talking to him for a while, I began to learn a few things.

He told me that home brewing wasn’t just for old drunks, but for anyone who wanted to drink commercial quality beer at a fraction of the price. Being a broke uni student with a large thirst for beer, this sounded like the perfect thing for me.

So two days later when the shops opened, I rushed down and bought myself a home brew kit for about $80. I read through all the instructions and after hearing that home brewing is pretty damn easy, I set about putting my first batch on.

As I screwed the lid onto the fermenter I felt excited. The following 10 days were tough, I’m not the most patient guy around, so waiting for the beer to ferment wasn’t easy.

But then it was finally finished and it was time to bottle. I primed the bottles with sugar as best I could and then put them away where they could sit until they were ready to drink.

Two weeks… Read more…

Make Money Bartending

Make Money Bartending
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Whether you already bartend, are fresh out of a course, or never mixed a drink in your life… you’re about to discover how to land your dream job making serious cash as a professional bartender.

If you’re sick and tired of pounding the pavement and want to finally put a stop to your endless, mind-numbing search for a quality bartending job, then you want to read every word on this page because what I have to share with you is very important.

My name is Jeremy Sherk, and I’ve been helping both rookie and veteran bartenders land their dream jobs for many years.

Well first off, you should know that when I started out to become a top bartender, I was exactly where you are right now.

My friends were rolling on the floor laughing when I told them I was going to get a bartending job that paid hundreds per night.

And they had every right to since I had absolutely no bartending skills and zero knowledge of drinks – heck, I wasn’t even of legal drinking age.

As a cocky teenager with no experience, I hit the streets and managed to convince a bar manager to give me a "trial shift". Man-oh-man did I bite off more than I could chew — to make a long story short, it was a disaster!

I spilt drinks, dropped glasses, and had a bar full of angry customers yelling at me for a drink. I even had to ask a customer to help me open a bottle of wine for him! — If that wasn’t enough, the manager had to jump in and handle the mob of customers while the owner gave me the coldest stare I’d ever seen.

They didn’t want to talk to me, they didn’t want to look at me, and they definitely didn’t want me to bartend for them.

Humiliated, I vowed to never have that experience again. Out of my frustration I proceeded to study every move of the best bartenders out there. I "devoured" every piece of advice I could get from them as I moved up the ranks…

Using their advice and combining it with my own trial and error… within a short time I was able to land any bartender’s dream job, consistently raking in hundreds of dollars each shift.

Every technique and secret I used is right here for you to steal, duplicate, and use to land your dream job and make serious cash as a professional bartender.

Look, I know what it’s like to be in your situation. I know what it’s like to apply to countless bars and not even get a call back. I know the feeling of hopelessness… Read more…

Downloadable Wine Tasting Kit

Downloadable Wine Tasting Kit
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Have you ever been to a wine tasting party where the whole experience was fun, but left you somewhat unsatisfied?

That was my experience with the first few parties I attended while I was learning about wine.

Even though the hosts had tasting sheets and were fairly organized, it still left me wanting more.

I had high hopes for the parties because I was interested in learning more about wine and discovering what I did and didn’t like. And what better way to learn than in a fun atmosphere among friends.

While the social aspect of the parties was great, I don’t think my wine knowledge or appreciation benefited.

In setting out to determine what would have made the tastings more beneficial I discovered the key mistake that most hosts do that make it almost impossible to really benefit your wine skills.

No doubt about it, do what I recommend and it will definitely speed up your learning curve. You will gain a feel for even the most subtle differences among the varietals.

They say that practice makes perfect, but that is not necessarily true. Perfect practice makes perfect. In other words, if you want to really learn about wine, then make sure your practice is designed to give you the most benefit.

"My son loved it! I purchased 5 bottles of wine, a unique 5 bottle wine holder, and the wine tasting kit with everything you sent me. It was so perfect… your service was unique, fit what I needed, and my budget too. This would also be a great idea for someone that’s just moved into a new home, a wedding gift, birthday gift, or just a neighborhood get-together. I’m glad I found you online. You saved the day!"

I truly believe that if you follow the instructions in the kit, you can host a wine tasting party that will not only increase your and your guests’ wine knowledge, but also host a party that will be remembered and talked about by your friends.

Bonus #1 Order the kit and get our Snob’s Wine Basics eBook as a FREE bonus. It is an 11-page introduction to wine boiled down to just give you the basics without going into too much detail. You can:

For those who order the kit, I have arranged a special discount with the producers of the Think Like a Genius Wine Master course that is not available anywhere else. It is a 15% OFF discount code that you type into the check out page of their website when ordering.

Because this is a physical product (full color book and DVD) shipped to you by mail, this is a substantial discount especially considering… Read more…

Home Brew Videos – Learn How To Make HomeBrew Beer Today! – Over 200 Step By Step Home Brew HD Videos Make Learning Fast And Easy.Home Brew Videos – Learn How To…

Home Brew Videos - Learn How To Make HomeBrew Beer Today! - Over 200 Step By Step Home Brew HD Videos Make Learning Fast And Easy.Home Brew Videos – Learn How To...
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Welcome to Home Brew Videos, a Free Online Homebrewing Community where everyone from home brewing rookies to award-winning homebrewers to aspiring professional brewers come together to share homebrew videos, photos, recipes, tips and tricks and even create their own homebrew blog.

In addition to our Free Homebrewing Community and Forums, we also feature hundreds of premium homebrewing videos and guides in our BrewHouse – Premium Members Area. Click Here To Learn More.

When you’re new to homebrewing it’s easy to be confused and overwhelmed. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a library of professionally filmed HD videos that show step-by-step exactly what to do from start to finish?

How about cheat sheets that ensure you never miss a step, introductions to ingredients and equipment you’ll need, and even instructions for creating your own homebrew recipes? Read more…

The Beer Brewing Book – The Definitive Guide to Home Brewing Beer

The Beer Brewing Book - The Definitive Guide to Home Brewing Beer
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With over 500 pages of beer brewing information and resources, The Beer Brewing Book is the trusted guide for beginners looking to brew their first batch and experienced brewers who want to improve their technique.  Experiment with over 1000+ beer brewing recipes and you’ll be enjoying your own premium tasting beer at a fraction of the cost of store-bought beer. Receive your copy now by immediate direct download using the purchase button below!

However, a large majority of beer drinkers have never tasted a home brewed beer. We aim to change that by making home brewing more accessible so anyone who loves beer can have the tools and knowledge necessary to brew their own.

The Beer Brewing Book gives an in-depth look at how beer is made, the equipment you need in your home brewery, selecting ingredients to design your own recipes, and simple steps to brewing a perfect batch.

This beer book is where you start (and I started) when learning the basics of homebrewing. It is an essential first step and offers simple step by step guidance along with more advanced considerations. (Bill Godbold)

This book is easy to read, full of useful information about how to start brewing your own beer at home. Took some time at first, but with this book I got lots of useful tips about the different stages of fermentation, the kits you can buy, different recipes and so on! (Ian Park)

As a new brewer, The Beer Brewing Book gave me the confidence I needed to start making beer at home. This book is written for novice and veteran brewers alike. From easy to understand instructions for your first batch up to sophisticated mash tun set-ups. (Terrence Rooney) Read more…

How To Brew Beer –

How To Brew Beer -
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Simply put… if you like beer, you’ll LOVE home brew. With home brew, there are so many styles of beer you can make that it can be difficult to choose! But you see, that’s the beauty of making your own beer…

What if your buddies come over to your place on game night, and instead of grabbing the usual beer, you pass them something well… different…

In SHOCK, they turn to gaze at you with a spaced-out look in their eyes while drooling from their mouths…

Here’s a secret… Did you know it’s REALLY pretty darn easy to make a great tasting home brewed beer in your own kitchen? You might find it hard to believe after the bad experiences you might have had or heard about from your friends.

Let me simply put it this way for you… If you can boil water, you can brew your own GREAT TASTING beer.

That’s how awesome a beer you’ll be making by the end of my information-rich step-by-step video training.

Most of the information comes in the form of uninspiring 400 page books that talk about gravity and efficiencies and sparging…

Yawn! If you’ve got an uncle or a friend who knew how to brew beer , you’ll realize they either had someone to show them the ropes on how to brew OR…

… they actually had to bash through the bushes of trial and error and finally taught themselves how to brew. Yes… going at it yourself means you’ll have to endure lots’a painstaking hard work and time and energy wasted… not to mention possibly leaving a MASSIVE trail of destruction in your kitchen! Now you don’t want that, do you?

Okay so here’s the great news… I’m going to give you the SHORTCUT to Home Brewery Success right now! I believe that actually observing a pro in action up close and personal is the way to quick and fun learning… and I’m pretty darn sure you’ll feel the same way too…

Here’s what you’ll discover in my BeerEasy Video Course that will get you brewing your first delicious pint you can share with your pals in no time!

And all equipment & ingreidents you need to get started are EASILY accessible. (You probably have some of it already lying around in your kitchen!)

Now I just want to tell you right off the bat that I’m not some sort of Brew Master or anything like that…

And I’ll tell you why in just a second… I’ve been enjoying beer ever since I was old enough to drink (maybe even a little ealier :-) After college, I took a sudden interest to local Micro Brews. Then I was given one… Read more…

Beer Book » The Scripted Blog

Beer Book » The Scripted Blog
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Welcome, initiates! You have arrived at The Golden Liquor: A Beginner’s Guide to Beer. We know you have some questions. We’re here to answer them.

Because you could be enjoying it so much more than you already are. Or start enjoying it if you’re someone who was introduced to beer at a frat party in college, still associates it with a red Solo cup, and thus, wants nothing to do with it.

Knowing the differences between kinds and types of beers will help you find beer you love. Not only that, it’ll also give you the tools to develop an excellent palette and the vocabulary to make you sound like a pro. Everyone will be impressed. Really. We asked them.

You’d be surprised how many situations would be better with beer. Now you’ll have a book to guide you so you don’t miss another one.

Specifically? Dinner tonight. What are you having? You know what, don’t even tell us. Just look it up in the book.

No. If you just want to know about lagers, you can go read about lagers. The ancient, weird history of beer (did you know early Egyptians gave it to the slaves to keep them sleepy and away from thoughts of uprising?) won’t suddenly show up again later in the book.  Each section can be enjoyed individually.

Introduction – Becoming a Beer Connoisseur Then and Now – A (Somewhat) Brief History of Beer The Brewing Process Getting Started with Beer Tasting A Simple Guide to Beer Styles Ales Lagers Glossary Additional Reading

Thought of another question? Having a problem? The beer gods have heard your pleas, initiate. They say to contact Sara at Read more…

Secrets of Wine – Wine eBook for Beginners

Secrets of Wine - Wine eBook for Beginners
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Homepage BUY NOW About The Book Download Info FAQ’s Wine Courses Vineyard Visits Wine Trivia Testimonials

If you have ever wanted to learn more about wine, or perhaps found yourself embarrassed that your conversational knowledge of the subject didn’t extend much past the bottle of Lambrusco you tried last Christmas, then this website, and its accompanying eBook ‘Secrets of Wine’ are your passport to oenological mastery!

When I bought my first books on wine and began to read, I was excited and really looking forward to learning the basics and how best to enjoy wine. However, my initial enthusiasm soon began to wane as I ploughed through the staggering amount of detail they contained. It wasn’t long before I began to lose the will to live…and eventually, I gave up.

Feeling let down and disappointed, I couldn’t stop thinking; why wasn’t I enjoying these books? I soon realised what the problem was – there was simply far too much information. Even when I tried just ‘dipping’ into the books to maintain my interest, it didn’t matter which topic I landed on – I was being overwhelmed with information. Yes, I wanted to learn the secrets of wine but I didn’t want a PhD in the subject and I didn’t want a genuine interest to turn into a hard slog!

What I really wanted was a book that simply ‘cut to the chase’. I wanted the fundamentals, the basics of wine so that I would be able to engage more confidently in discussions with my friends…and most of all, be able to choose and enjoy the right wine for the right occasion.

Well, I stuck at the task of learning as much as I could about every aspect of oenology (the science and study of wine and winemaking) even though there was no simplified layman’s resource available: I studied and cross referenced myriads of often confusing and contradictory information, I found the meanings of oft bandied but usually little understood terms, I personally sampled countless diverse wines, and finally wrote ‘Secrets of Wine’…distilling my many years of accumulated knowledge into the comprehensive guide to wine, which I wished had been available when I started out upon my journey.

It provides a comprehensive ‘A to Z’ of wine but in a clear, succinct and easy to read style. Flowery waffle and self-indulgent ramblings get the elbow! It is designed to be read in one sitting, time permitting (around 3 hours) and, thereafter, to provide an easy reference source to accompany your enjoyment of wine. In its eBook format, the ability to enter search terms (e.g. Bordeaux, Zinfandel, Napa Valley, fermentation, etc… Read more…

Learn to Keg Your Homebrew

Learn to Keg Your Homebrew
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Theres no doubt that it is the least fun part of home brewing. But, you have to serve your beer somehow.

Kegging your beer can save you countless time and effort spent cleaning, filling and capping bottles. Under the right circumstances and with the right equipment your homebrew will be easier to store and you can control the carbonation levels to suit the various kinds of beer that you brew without guesswork.

This is the quickest and easiest way to learn to keg and carbonate your beer. Inside this illustrated guide is all the information, instruction and guidance you will need to get your next batch of beer into a keg and serve it like they do at a pub.

The one device that could save you from big headaches and expense. Very few home brewers even know about it.

The key mistake that not only prevents full carbonation, but ruins every glass of beer you pour. This simple action could save you lots of disappointment and time.

Where danger lurks in your equipment. The safety of you and those around you depends on one simple installation make sure you have it!

As you can see this really is the ultimate tutorial for kegging home brew. Until now no one has put all this information into one source. So much of the information on kegging found on the Internet is incomplete and sometimes flat-out wrong! Now you can have it all without worrying.

Just imagine being able to pour fresh draft, home brewed beer anytime for you and your friends. Theyll love you forever!

Frankly, we couldnt decide how to best get this information into the hands of the home brewers that need it. An article in a homebrew magazine wouldnt provide enough space to give all the information. We could have posted it on our Web site, but honestly we worked too hard on it to just let other publishers copy and paste our work into their publications piece by piece.

No, instead we decided on the security of a downloadable e-book to deliver to you the important, complete information. And, this is the complete information nothing has been left out and no question is left unanswered.

If you searched on your own for all this information you would spend hours and hours and still not find the vital tips and methods that will get you the results you want. Thats time you could spend brewing, drinking and enjoying your beer.

At the Brewers Apprentice we have kegged and carbonated over 50,000 small batches of beer we know how to get it right. We also know how to teach you to get it right!

So whats… Read more…

Beer Brewing Recipes, Beer Brewing Recipes Clones, Clone Homebrew Recipes, The Home Brew Recipes Book – 641 Home Brew Recipes

Beer Brewing Recipes, Beer Brewing Recipes Clones, Clone Homebrew Recipes, The Home Brew Recipes Book - 641 Home Brew Recipes
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"This ebook is a huge comprehensive collection of homebrewing recipes. If you need help with choosing a beer to brew, this is the resource you need." –

"Thanks a lot for the recipe book. I haven’t had much time to go through it, but I spent about 10 minutes paging through and found several recipes I plan on brewing soon. It’s nice to have a little style history and a few tips and/or suggestions with some of the brews." –

We are so confident that you will enjoy and use the recipes in our Ultimate Home Brewers Recipe Book, that we have backed up our recipe book with a 60 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. If, for some reason, you are not happy with your Ultimate Home Brewers Recipe Book, as a way of saying thanks for trying the book, it will be yours to keep!

You can instantly download your copy of "The Ultimate Home Brewers Recipe Book" and have your hands on it within minutes. Just follow the steps below.

Grains 5 lbs unhopped light dry malt extract .5 lbs dark crystal malt Hops 1 oz Cascade hops (60 minute boil) .5 oz Cascade (30 minute boil) .5 oz Cascade (10 minute boil) 1/2–1 oz Cascade (dry hop) Yeast Wyeast American ale yeast

Procedure …you need to purchase the book to see the procedure (the book is only $14.95)…Click here now to purchase

Grains 8.5 lbs. 2-row pale malt 1.5 lbs. Munich Malt 4 oz. Crystal Malt (35 Lovibond) 1 oz. Chocolate Malt 1 lb. Demerrara sugar Hops 1 oz. Hallertau (3.8%) .75 oz. Stryian Goldings(5.0%) .5 oz. Saaz (3.5%) Other .5 tsp Gypsum Mash & Sparge each 1 Tsp Irish Moss Yeast Chimay Yeast starter (1.5 Qts.)

Procedure …you need to buy the book to see the procedure (again, its only $14.95 for 600+ recipes)…Click here now to purchase

If your still wondering if this book is for you, sign up for our home brewing forums and look around! Make sure you register for the newsletter and receive great free monthly home brew recipes! Read more…