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Icelandic recipe links (in English)

Although Jo’s Icelandic Recipes is the largest website of its kind, it’s not the only one. Here are links to some more Icelandic recipes:

The Icelandic National League’s recipe collection

Virtually Virtual Iceland. Check out the rest of the site for more information about Iceland.

Icelandic recipes from European Cuisines

Recipes from Iceland Naturally. Go to the Food menu on the left and choose “recipes” from the submenu that pops up. Commercial site for promoting Iceland and Icelandic products.

There are more websites with Icelandic recipes out there. They are not included here because:
I didn’t find them in a web search,
they only have a few recipes that can also be found on the other sites,
they have pop-ups (which I hate),
or have taken recipes from my website and presented them as their own without changing the text or giving me credit.

If you have suggestions for other websites with Icelandic recipes in English, write me a comment and include the link, and I will check it out.